Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Pictures Revealed

Tara Reid

Born on November 8, 1975 in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Tara Donna Reid is a very famous actress. She has been known for her active part in American pie I and II.  Her debut role with ‘A Return To Salem’s Lot’  in 1987 marked as a turnover, there was a sudden increase in her career graph with films like Van Wilder and Alone in the park to name a few. Well, she started her acting career at a tender age of six with the game show Child’s Play.  Her plastic surgery at once became the talk of the town as it was clearly the case of surgery gone wrong about which she talked to the public and media very actively.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before And After

Getting a plastic surgery these days is like going for grocery shopping. Every other celeb is going under the knife to get a flawless skin and have an age free life forever. Reid is no exception to this, rather her selection of the plastic procedure and her time proved that it was not worth getting a plastic procedure done and that it is extremely important to have a proper choice of doctor for the same. She has gained a completely new look and that this can be quoted as a case of surgery gone wrong. Well, she unlike other celebrities has never hidden any fact related to her undergoing any plastic procedure. Let’s have a look at her plastic procedures.

  1. Boob surgery: getting a boob surgery done is getting quite common these days and that the availability of surgeons is also good, celebs now often go for one. According to Tara she had irregularly shaped boobs and that she went under the knife to get more round and sumptuous boobs. On comparing her before and after pictures we get to see that there is a difference in her boob shape and size. She now has got sagging breasts and also sagging tummy area. She now seems to look old now and that having this procedure done was certainly a bad idea.
  2. Liposuction: Her liposuction as mentioned went all wrong and that her tummy has got all loose skin folds which gives her body an old look and has certainly spoiled her body shape and size.

3 Butt implant: well, getting a butt implant leads to toned skin and body but she certainly has had all of her surgeries gone wrong. If you see her before and after pictures you can see loose folds of skin all over her body which clearly is a case of surgery gone wrong.

Well, looking at her before and after pictures it can be easily made out that this beauty was once a beauty and that her decision of undergoing plastic procedures has certainly ruined her whole body structure. Though it is totally dependent on her over getting a plastic procedure done but it is extremely important to have an insight of what is doing the procedure and whether the experimentation is even worth it or not.

Mary Tyler Moore Died From Cardiac Arrest

Mary Tyler Moore bid adieu to the world after suffering a heart attack on 25th January this year but the final reasons came few days later. She was not just an actress but a prominent activist of all times. She succumbed to her cardiopulmonary arrest which was severe as it was augmented with several heath troubles like aspiration pneumonia, hypoxia and diabetes mellitus as claimed in her death certificate.

“Today, beloved icon, Mary Tyler Moore, passed away at the age of 80 in the company of friends and her loving husband of over 33 years, Dr. S. Robert Levine,” her rep said in a statement last week. “A groundbreaking actress, producer, and passionate advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Mary will be remembered as a fearless visionary who turned the world on with her smile.”

“It’s a beautiful site that she’s at,” Fairfield police Lt. James Perez told The Post. “It’s nice what the family did. It was a nice little sendoff for her.”

Mary was lucky enough to have her husband Dr S Robert Levine and her friends with her during her last moments, revealed by her publicist, Mara Buxbaum.

Here is “What inspired Dan Stevens for ‘Beauty and the Beast'”

Actor Dan Stevens recently revealed the sources of his inspiration to take the role of a beast in the romantic cum musical cult ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Dan made it a point to watch and keenly observe some of the best of movies of this genre, his list included the likes of ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and ‘Citizen Kane’. Dan Stevens aims at creating a different sort of experience for all audience along with her cute co-star Emma Watson.

While talking about the challenges faced to complete his dream movie, he said, “One of the biggest differences is that in the animated film you don’t see the beast before he was transformed. You see a stained glass window version of him but there’s no real sense of what he was really like,”

“In this film, we see him at the debutantes’ ball, and something that Bill (director Bill Condon) and I were keen to bring out was this sense of a petulant, spoiled child and the sense of entitlement which led to his downfall.”

“There’s this psychological rationale about what makes a beast a beast, so I watched everything from ‘Wreck It Ralph’ to ‘Citizen Kane’ to help get me inspired,” he added.

The Romantic and Musical cult is a Disney project and stars all time favourite actors like Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson and Ian McKellen.

It will hit the theatres on March, 2017 in India.

How to Relieve Dark Circles

Getting dark circles these days has become everyone’s piece of cake and that a bit psychological disturbance can easily get you these beautiful scars. Though there is no specific inheritance pattern to be followed here but surely it can be caused due to inheritance, sleepless nights, long working hours, crying and also unbalanced diet pattern.

Well, if there are several reasons to get these dark circles there are for sure ways of getting away with them. So here we are with a few home remedies to get away with dark circles.

  • Rose water: fresh and cold rose water has a lot of skin benefits and that it has an essential role in releasing stress from face. All you need is cold and fresh rose water a a thick cotton swab. Soak the cotton eye pads in rose water and just put them over your eyes for 10- 15 minutes and you will be able to see varied changes overtime. Repeat this process twice daily for two weeks continuously.
  • Lemon Juice: lemon juice is considered to be the best bleaching reagent and works well in every condition. It has Vitamin C and can work wonders if used constantly. Extract some lemon juice from a fresh slice of lemon and apply it over and around eyes with a cotton ball/ swab and leave for about 5-10 minutes. Then wash off with cold water and pat dry. Consider doing this once in every one to two days and you will be able to notice remarkable changes.
  • Almond oil: not only health benefits but almond oil also serves several beauty benefits. Apply a considerable amount of almond oil around your eyes and massage your eyes in a circular motion for 5- 10 minutes before sleeping. Wash off your face with lukewarm then cold water in the morning and changes will be observant after a week or two.
  • Tomato: again, tomatoes like lemon are considered to be bleaching agents and has Vitamin C which can help lighten skin. They can be clubbed up with lemon juice and the mixture can be evenly applied all over around your eyes for 10-15 minutes and then can be washed off with cold water for about two times a week. Once changes are observant you can reduce the changes to once everyday.
  • Potato: potato can not only decrease skin pigmentation that is dark circles but also puffiness around eyes. It works as a bleaching agent and works wonders of used on a regular basis. All you need to do is take a raw potato and grate it. Extract the potato juice and you may even preserve it for daily basis. Apply the potato juice evenly around eyes with a cotton ball and let it stay for 10- 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Instead of potato juice you can even use thin potato slices and let them stay on for a while.
  • Try it on people!!

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Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery

Gisele Bundchen

Born on July 20, 1980 in Três de MaioRio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Gisele Caroline Bundchen is a Brazilian model and a n actress as well. She has lately been known as one of the highest paid models and is one of the top 20 richest paid models of the industry. Her ecstatic looks and ravishing style is what has landed her to the industry. Her major modeling career started with Victoria’s Secret which helped her to resurface her as a top notch model in town. She got her first big screen break with a small role in the famous movie ‘Devil wears Prada’ which thoughwas small but got her immense appreciation.

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Gisele is amongst the highly paid actresses and has always been known for her killer looks and ecstatic beauty and great body figure. To maintain the aura and keep running in this show business celebrities and artists are considering plastic surgery as their best savior. They consider it to keep them beautiful for ages without reflecting their true age and that resorting to plastic surgery has become a trend that is followed by each and every celebrity. Celebs and artists resort to nose jobs, boob surgeries and many other surgeries to get the perfect desired and young look so that they can still be considered ‘young’ for their movie or television roles. Gisele is one of them; let’s have a look at her speculated plastic surgeries.

  1. Breast augmentation: a boob surgery is quite common here as on comparing her before and after pictures it can be easily made out that there’s a certain difference in her size of boob. They are big, round and sexy and the new pair of boobs has certainly made her body figure toned and she now looks much confident and carries herself extremely well.

There was a few years ago a change observed in her body shape and size and people and doctors started to speculate her body make and that after a certain point of time it was speculated that she has had a plastic surgery done. Well, on being asked about the same the Brazilian beauty strictly refuses to be indulged into something like this and says that it is the magic of yoga that has bought about such a considerable change to her body. Well, it feels dumb to believe that yoga can change the bust and boob size of a lady and that certainly is not to be believed.

The point of resorting to plastic surgery is a blindly followed trend and that everyone feels the urge to get one done to maintain their strata in the showbiz industry, but what a lesser known fact is that plastic surgery though can help you tighten your skin and can help you relocate your boob but it will never be able to give you that feel of bearing a natural body and to some extent it is even harmful to get one done.