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Here is “What inspired Dan Stevens for ‘Beauty and the Beast'”

Actor Dan Stevens recently revealed the sources of his inspiration to take the role of a beast in the romantic cum musical cult ‘Beauty and the Beast’.Dan made it a point to watch and keenly observe some of the best of movies of this genre, his list included the likes of ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and ‘Citizen Kane’. Dan Stevens aims at creating a different sort of experience for all audience along with her cute co-star Emma Watson.

While talking about the challenges faced to complete his dream movie, he said, “One of the biggest differences is that in the animated film you don’t see the beast before he was transformed. You see a stained glass window version of him but there’s no real sense of what he was really like,” “In this film, we see him at the debutantes’ ball, and something that Bill (director Bill Condon) and I were keen to bring out was this sense of a petulant, spoiled child and the sense of entitlement which led to his downfall.”

“There’s this psychological rationale about what makes a beast a beast, so I watched everything from ‘Wreck It Ralph’ to ‘Citizen Kane’ to help get me inspired,” he added.The Romantic and Musical cult is a Disney project and stars all time favourite actors like Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson and Ian McKellen.It will hit the theatres on March, 2017 in India.